We serve the manufacturing sector by ensuring safety and efficiency, we provide road, sea and air haulage, handling and freight forwarding to accomplish the best result throughout your project’s execution. We specialize on the transport of various exceptional types of vehicles, machinery and their spare parts that needed to be relocated, the final customer or to the next phase op production in a assembly plant.


Offering transport and logistics services from the start of the supply chain till the final product delivered at the final customer, we also transport raw materials and individual parts. Temporarily storage of these components during downtime of manufacturing plants is a possibility we offer, please see our service Warehousing.

In combination with our construction industry we are also experienced in delivering brand new production machines to construction sites of new production facilities. The care and importance of these machinery is something our staff does not take lightly and are very conscious that the combination of these two industries mean just-in-time(JIT) deadlines. We also can arrange transport insurances for these kinds of transports, contact us for more information.


We transport different types of materials, equipment and machinery; and due to our experience acquired over years in this industry we have developed the ability to customize logistics solutions to each individual project. Ensuring the delivery of outstanding solutions for every single one of your projects.

We offer integrated logistics by assisting you in: The road transport, sea freight, air freight of your goods, logistics services portfolio for exceptional cargo, turnkey projects, custom formalities, warehouse, inventorying and monitoring.

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